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Best Little Johnny Jokes

Everybody loves Little jokes about Little Johnny, so I thought today’s post would be a compilation of the best Little Johnny Jokes.

Best Little Johnny Jokes #1

Little Johnny hears the doorbell ring, and so he answers the door, only to see a salesman.

Salesman: “Can I speak to your dad?” 

Little Johnny: “Nope, he’s in the shower.” 

Salesman: “What about your mother? Can I speak to her?” 

Little Johnny: “Nope. She’s in the shower, too.” 

Salesman: “Do you think they’ll be out soon?” 

Little Johnny grinning evilly: “Doubt it. When my dad asked me for the Vaseline, I gave him super glue instead.”

best little johnny jokes

Little Jonny And Little Sally

Little Johnny wanting to introduce little Sally to his parents, walked in on his parents going at it in the bedroom doggy style. He innocently asks, “Mommy, Daddy, what are you doing?” 

His mother replies, “Oh, Daddy is just parking his car in Mommy’s garage, now go and play.”

A few minutes later, Little Johnny’s parents hear a blood-curdling scream and run to see what was the matter. Little Johnny is running in circles, squealing. Little Johnny’s mother shouts, “What’s going on?”

Little Sally replies, “Well, little Johnny was trying to park his car in my garage, and he couldn’t get the back wheels in, so l she l took the scissors and cut them off.”

Best Little Johnny Jokes And Swearing

Little Johnny was eating dinner with his family. His mother went around the table and asked, “Geoffrey, what would you like to eat?” 

Geoffrey replies, “I’d like some bloody potato’s.” 

SMACK! The mother slaps Geoffrey. She then asks Marie, “what would you like to eat?” 

“Well, I’d like some bloody potatoes”, said Marie.

SMACK! as she slaps Marie. “Ok. Johnny, what would you like to eat?” 

Well, I sure as hell don’t want any bloody potatoes.

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