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How To Reason With A Blonde

Today’s how to reason with a blond is obviously a blonde joke, and I know my last post was also a blond joke, but there’s a reason for posting two blonde jokes in a row. I’m celebrating a YouTube milestone where one of my Laughaholics videos has reached the 10,000 views milestone. And guess what? Yep, it was a blonde joke video. That video was called Top 10 Funniest Blonde Jokes. Why not head over there and give it a like, and if you really liked it, I’d love it f you would share it with your friends.

Naturally, I also needed to share my blonde joke milestone with my YouTube followers and so I produced my Blonde Stairway To Heaven joke. The intro to the joke told everyone about my exciting milestone pointing out a couple of factors that led the video getting to where it did. Mainly TubeBuddy for helping me choosing the best keywords and the Graphics Creator for helping me create the best Thumbnails. The video shows exactly how those two programs helped that video to get where it is today.

But, enough of that, let’s get to today’s, How To Reason With A Blonde joke.

How To Reason With A Blonde

There was once a blonde woman on a plane to Detroit. She was in economy class but seeing an empty seat in first class, she seized the opportunity and moved there after the plane took off. An attendant saw her and said, “Excuse me, ma’am, but your ticket says economy class, not first. You cannot stay here.”

The blonde replied, “I can, and I will.” The attendant told the copilot, who came and talked to the woman.

“Ma’am, we really can’t have you staying in this seat, your ticket was for economy.”

“You can’t make me move.”

The copilot told the captain, who tried to talk her out of the seat but it didn’t work. Finally, a man who had heard what had been going on told the attendant to let him have a go at getting the woman out of the seat because he was married to a blonde too, so he knew how to deal with them. After a quick chat with her, she moved. The shocked attendant asked him how he did it.

The man replied, “I told her first class wasn’t going to Detroit.”

How To Reason With A Blonde
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