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Why Three Men Joined A Nudist Colony

Three Reasons Why Three Men Joined A Nudist Colony

Have you ever wondered why folk join nudist colonies. Today, you’re going to discover three reasons why three men joined a nudist colony. In case you would rather listen to me tell the joke with some cool animated graphics, you can watch my Three Men And A Nudist Colony.

Three men met on a nude beach. Two of the three men were happy, but the third was sad.

The three men broke into a conversation. The topic eventually reached the men’s jobs and why they were at the beach.

“I’m a construction worker,” said the first man. “All year long, I toil in the sun in hot and heavy clothes, so this seemed like the perfect vacation for me. If I can relax and do it naked, that’s a win-win.”

“I’m an accountant,” said the second man. “I just like how everyone here is dressed the same.” he giggles.

The first two men turned to the third, sad man. “What do you do?” they asked.

“I’m a pickpocket,” said the third man. “My damn doctor sent me here.”

Why Three Men Joined A Nudist Colony

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