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Funny Blonde Girlfriend Joke

Hilarious Blonde Girlfriend Joke

There are so many blonde jokes out there but this has to be one of the funniest blonde jokes that I’ve heard for quite some time. As always I’m giving you the choice to listen to my joke on my YouTube Channel, or if you prefer you can read it here. I think you will enjoy my video though because I use cool animation created by CreateStudio 3.0. That particular video is called Boyfriend Ends Up In Hospital Because Of Blonde Girlfriend.

How A Blonde Girlfriend Sends Her BoyFriend To Hospital

This bloke had a gorgeous blonde woman as his girlfriend, who was still a virgin. They have decided that they will wait until they are married to have sex.

One day, the blonde woman notices that the man is sleeping naked and happens to see his member. She wakes him up, points to his penis and asks, “What is that?”

Sleepily, he plays a small joke on her and says, “That is my little birdie and goes back to sleep.

After a couple of hours, he wakes up, lying in a hospital bed with an excruciating pain between his legs. He notices his blonde girlfriend sitting beside him and asks, “What happened to me?”

The blonde answers, “After you went to sleep, I decided to play with your birdie, and it suddenly grew and got stiff. I was petting it on the head, but your stupid bird was so bloody rude it spat on me! So I broke its eggs and burned its bloody nest.

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