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Introducing Laughaholics Video? By now, you guys have worked out that I love jokes. However it’s one thing to read them, but it’s something entirely different to hear someone telling them. That’s why I started my Laughaholics video channel. If you love to listen to jokes, you will love Laughaholics.

Why Subscribers Love Laughaholics

As much as I love telling jokes, I also love listening to them. The problem is that I’ve found many jokes on YouTube are impersonal. By that, I mean that instead of a human telling you a joke, you’ve got some computer voice telling it. As good as some of these are getting, they can’t add human inflections to tell you a good joke. I’ve found them very disappointing.

The other thing that bothers me is that the person uploading the video isn’t even taking the time to edit the mistakes. That’s why I use Grammarly to edit out those mistakes. Most of the time, I even give the jokes I upload my personal touch. Something that makes my Laughaholics jokes unique on YouTube.

First Ever Laughaholics Video

My first joke on Laughaholics is my Funny Blonde Policewoman Joke.

Laughaholics video
Funny Blonde Policewoman Joke

For those of you that would prefer to read than listen to the joke, you can do that below.

Today’s joke is about this blonde who’s been trying for ages to pass the police academy, and finally, after a long time, she makes it, and she becomes a cop. Unfortunately, the sergeant knowing her limitations, decides to put her on traffic duty. So there’s this blonde sitting in the squad car for a while, and she’s getting bored and decides she wants to get into some action and to do that, she figures on pulling the next car over.

So she goes after this next car, lights blazing the guy pulls over. The blonde gets out of the cop car, goes up to his window and motions for him to wind the window down. The man does, and the blonde policewoman says, “can I please see your driver’s license?”

The guy pulls out his driver’s license and gives it to the blonde. She looks at it for a while and she says to him, “you’ve got a restriction on your license. You should be wearing glasses!”

The guy looks up and says, “but I have contacts!”

She looks at him and says, “I don’t care who you know; you must wear your glasses!”

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