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Laugh Out Loud Memes

The fact that there are so many laugh out loud memes out there goes to show how popular memes are. In case you’re wondering what a meme is, and I know some of the older folk, like myself, may struggle with what they’re all about, this is probably the best definition of a meme. I get a lot of memes sent to me in emails, and occasionally I may make one of my own.

This post will highlight some of the funniest memes I’ve come across today.

Best Of Laugh Out Loud Memes

laugh out loud memes political

I like this one because it’s so true LOL.

Laugh Out Loud Memes Pet

Yep, the dog is 100% right, he doesn’t ride a bike. Pets are so innocent 😂

Laugh Out Loud Little Johnny Meme
Laugh out Loud Little Johnny Meme made with the Graphics Creator

I had to reproduce this meme because the original was pretty poor. Luckily the Graphics Creator allows me to create quality memes with ease.

Laugh out Loud face jewellery

How could you not laugh at this meme? Man, how can he possibly live with that crap sitting in front of his eyes? That would drive me to drink. Oh, maybe that’s what he does it. 🤪

pigeon meme

Now, that’s what I call smart marketing! 😎

Laugh out loud wife joke

What makes this so funny is that in my family it’s usually the other way round.

Laugh out Loud religion

I love this one because it makes so much it’s so true today. These days it’s so hard to throw a party because you never know what people are going to eat.

I hope you liked those memes enough to share it with your mates. I know this blog is so new but you still may like some of my other posts, like the history of blonde jokes.

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